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Wedding Stationery

You put your arms around me
and I can fly

I create semi-custom & bespoke fine art stationery for couples who don’t want to settle for the ordinary. With a focus on intentional and clean aesthetics, my aim is to create wedding invitations that are beautiful, meaningful and a treasure to be cherished forever.

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Truly handmade illustrations are one of the many things that make wedding invitations and stationery from Atelier Lotti extra special. You won’t find any premade graphics here – everything is individually drawn with lots of attention to detail.

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Real calligraphy is made for each and every invitation design. No matter if you choose one of the designs from my collection or opt for a custom creation – I will make all the calligraphic elements by hand especially for you.

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And here comes the best part: I print every single wedding invitation individually by hand. That way your stationery turns into actual art prints that your loved ones will want to cherish forever.

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Why the printing process is so special

While it feels quite modern, the basic principle of serigraphy, or silkscreen printing, can actually be traced back to China around 960 AD. In the western world though, it was only popularized in the 1960s by artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, whose bold and colourful styles we might have come to associate with this technique.

I learned the basics of serigraph printing at university, where I fell in love with the process and the results. My personal style is quite delicate, but I instantly felt drawn to the challenge and the unique contrast this creates in comparison to what we expect to see. While it is more difficult to achieve fine lines with this printing method, I’ve been perfecting this method over the last few years and I think the results are truly worth it.

When I started to work on weddings more and more, I had one problem: my clients and me often put in a lot of time and effort to create something special and personal for them. Only for the final invitation to be thrown away at the latest after the event was over. So I started to wonder how I could change that. And then it hit me: why not offer my customers the option to gift their loved ones an art-print when they send out their wedding invites?

With serigraphy I already had the necessary tools at hand to create high quality, artisanal prints. The only thing left to do was to incorporate this idea into my designs. Which is why every piece of the Atelier Lotti collection is carefully crafted to not only be your wedding invitation. Every print is also a limited edition artwork that your loved ones will want to keep and cherish forever.